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We treat Afro hair and European hair here. From cutting & highlights to hair weaving and wigs, from washing, blow drying to box braids, cornrows and dreadlocks. We also apply eyelash extensions.

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On March 22, 2018, Edbraynie Fox opened her hair salon. I’ve been working on hair extensions in my own network and family since I was thirteen.

After following various trainings & courses. When I was seventeen I already gave training in extensions in hair salons. It’s so much fun to make people happy.” The often challenging hairstyles that customers come to Edbraynie with require good preparation and a little more time to think. “I like clients who want something different, with more color diversity in their hair extensions. These are customers who just want to get more out of their haircut. 

With every treatment I always ask a little longer about the wishes of the customer. Sometimes we do this by phone or even easier via whats app. As a hairdresser, I like to know what customers want, so that I can achieve the desired result.” A satisfied customer comes back!

From frizzy to baby curl

Edbraynie Fox herself is specialized in hair extensions, eyelashes and dreadlocks for both men and women, for all cultures and with all types of hair structures. “I work with all hair and skin types, from frizzy to baby curls. It is a lot of fun to braid children.

Haarverlenging abonnementen

Zelf is Edbraynie Fox gespecialiseerd in haarverlenging, wimpers en dreadlocks voor zowel dames als heren, voor alle culturen en met alle soorten haarstructuren. “Ik werk met alle haar- en huidtypes, van kroes tot babykrul. Het is heel leuk om kinderenin te vlechten.

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What exactly is balayage ? Is it just another word for ombre hair? But isn’t ombre hair exactly the same as a dip dye?

Hair coloring

Nowadays it is common for women to color their hair themselves . However, the hairdresser can color the hair in ways that one cannot do with oneself.


Highlights are so much more than simple light tufts in your hair.  Well-set highlights can accentuate your eyes and shape your face


If you are looking for ways to lengthen your hair, you have probably come across the term hair weave. But what exactly is hair weave?


Cornrows came into the picture in the 90s, on the R&B scene. Stars like Beyoncé and Alicia Keys wore the hairstyle in many clips and during performances.


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