What are cornrows?

Cornrow’s came into the picture in the 90s, on the R&B scene. Stars like Beyoncé and Alicia Keys wore the hairstyle in many clips and during performances. fun fact; male celebs such as R. Kelly and Justin Timberlake also wore the cornrows. Cornrows are, originally African, braided hair. Varying from all small braids to large braids and hairstyles with the braids up. The haircut looks great on an oval, elongated, heart-shaped, round or square face. So almost everyone can have the haircut, especially because you have so many different variations on it, this trend is suitable for everyone.

How can you wear it?

You can wear it very tight where you braid your entire hair with all kinds of small braids. This is an edgy look. You can also put all of these braids up or tie them together into one big braid.
You can also wear the cornrows loosely, for example only braiding your hair on the side and wearing the rest of your hair loose.
You can enjoy the cornrows for a long time, once made they will last up to two weeks. A tip to keep them even more beautiful; sleep with a hairnet or pantyhose and grease your cornrows regularly.