All about Highlights

Highlights are so much more than simple light tufts in your hair. Well set highlights can accentuate your eyes and shape your face . In addition, they can make thin hair appear fuller by using subtle nuances and natural-looking color differences. Yes please! Any hairdresser can tell you that there are different types of highlights and different color techniques. When you sit in the chair with your hairdresser for a treatment, it is therefore smart to see in advance which options there are and which highlight suits you. So Much Hair knows better than anyone how important it is to find  the right highlight  .

One highlight is not the other

You may remember him: the old-fashioned coupe soleil. Tufts of hair were woven criss-cross from a hat with a needle and colored in this way. Unfortunately, this method often does not provide the best results, and we are happy that a lot has been improved in the field of highlighting techniques since then. Here are the main types of highlights at a glance: Bee classic highlights foils are placed throughout the hair. Thus, the hair is colored in nuances that are usually close to each other. This creates fine highlights with a natural, sun-kissed effect; like your hair has been lit up by the sun.
  • You can also achieve such a sun-kissed look with balayage: This technique makes the highlights progressively lighter towards the ends.
  • A little more depth in your hair? Then choose ecaille: a balayage-like technique, but then colored with different shades so that you just have something Lake shadow gets in your hair
  • The beautiful color melt technique: classic highlights, but colored with a balayage or ecaille technique for a super natural overflow.
  • Block highlights and circle highlights make certain parts of your hairstyle, for example your bangs, stand out extra well. Perfect for creating brightness in the hair.
  • If you want to give us optimal control (as you should, trust the expert!) you choose free hand highlights: the colorist then looks at exactly how your hair falls and adjusts the coloring accordingly by setting the highlights freehand.
  • Highlights not for ladies with short hair? Totally not true! In front of diamond highlights the hair is divided into diamond-shaped sections, which ensures a cool result with short hairstyles or loose locks.

Highlights of now

Today’s highlights are  subtle  with a lot of  transparent color difference . The  barcode  trend of the 1990s, in which high and low lights with a strong color difference are placed next to each other for a super tight contrast, is hardly seen anymore. We as professional hair color specialists will therefore work with the right tools to achieve the desired result.

Fun fact: we all know  the ultimate ’90s haircut ‘the Rachel’ , made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s character in Friends, but did you know that the actress was known as the first with a haircut with real highlights and lowlights? No wonder the haircut was such a hit!


Just like any other color treatment, taking care of your highlights is extremely important. Use a mask at least once every ten days or visit us regularly for a Glossing treatment where your hair is cared for with a toner. This prevents dry ends and keeps your locks healthy and shiny.

Ask your colorist about the possibilities of  B3. This miracle cure ensures that your hair is not damaged, but is strengthened during the coloring process.

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