Balayage: everything you need to know!

Fun facts

  • Want to upgrade your balayage a bit? Balayage can be set in a rainbow range of colors, so get as creative as you want!
  • A good balayage treatment should easily last for 3+ months, so for the lazy girls among us, these ones for you!
  • Make sure to book with a stylist with experience. The balayage technique requires a real specialist to prevent a wrong bleached head.

Can I take balayage if I have short or very dark hair?

Yes you can!’ the technique does need to be adjusted to be in harmony with the shape, balance and styling of the haircut. In addition, it is important that the color also matches the skin tone, eye color and face shape. Caramel tones woven through a brunette’s hair are as popular these days as the lighter dramatic techniques, and there are very few people who don’t look good with this face-flattering style. Issie does recommend booking a consultation with your hairstylist in advance to choose the best colors for your balayage. Here your stylist can also keep the colors with your own hair and skin to ensure that this color is really the color for you.

What exactly is balayage? Is it just another word for ombre hair? But isn’t ombre hair exactly the same as a dip-dye? With so many different terms and styles in the hair & beauty industry today, it’s not surprising if you get a little confused. And it is important to know exactly what you are going for when you take a seat in the barber chair. To avoid a hair dye catastrophe, we sat down with Issie Churcher, a professional color technician, who will tell you all the ins and outs about balayage.

The word balayage is derived from French and means ‘to sweep’. From this you can already conclude that balayage is applied very subtly and naturally, by means of ‘wiping’ with the hair dye. With a sun-kissed subtle finish designed to look less bleachy and more beachy. Without obvious outgrowth. “Today, the most in-demand look is the look that gives you a natural set of highlights, with the ends a lot blonder and lighter. As you’ve seen with Gigi Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley,” Issie explains.