Hair weave

If you are looking for ways to lengthen your hair, you have probably come across the term hair weave. But what exactly is hair weave? The name hair weave is a general term for a hairpiece in which hair is woven onto a cord. With this weave, also called a weft, you can extend your own hair. A hair weave can consist of real hair, synthetic hair or a mix of the two. In our salon, team Jennifer Hoeve makes more than 1,000 hair weaves per year. We call this a ‘ QuiQweave ‘. We only work with 100% human hair jobs because this gives the best results. When the strips of hair are properly attached, it is not visible that extensions have been used.


If you choose hair extensions based on a hair weave, you naturally want to be able to enjoy your new head of hair without any problems. That is why we first discuss together which hair wishes you have. You can go many ways with a hair weave. Many women have the desire to have longer hair in one afternoon. That is entirely possible. It is also possible to give thin hair more volume. If you want to combine this, that is of course also possible. The hair weave makes all this possible. How are those wefts actually secured in the hair? At the QuiQweave, braids are made from your own hair. These are fixed on the head. The wefts are sewn to these strands of hair. On average, our customers choose between 3 and 8 hair weaves. The 50 cm variant is most often chosen. In addition, we have shorter and even longer versions.


The hair of a hair weave normally lasts about 7 months. After that, new wefts have to be purchased. In the meantime, your own hair grows and that is why the hair weave must be removed and reinserted every 6 weeks. During the intake interview we will tell you exactly what this will cost you. 

Always the right color

In order to guarantee that your hair weave will have exactly the color you have chosen next time, we work with internationally recognized color numbers. We will show you the colors that are available during the intake interview. You can also see the courses of hair from which the hair weaves are composed on our webshop. Most women choose a color that approaches their own hair color. But if you want a shade lighter or darker, we can realize that for you. To match the hair weave perfectly with your hair, we can color both your own hair and the lengths as an extra service. Even if you want to have multiple colors of hair mixed together, we can take care of that for you.


Because we work with ready-made hair weave jobs, we can use the hair relatively quickly. In one part of the day your hair will be longer and it will have more volume. Places can be placed immediately after the intake interview, because all hair weave jobs are in stock. If your hair needs to be raised in between, you can easily schedule an appointment online. What is very important for the life of your hair is that you wash and care for it with our own line of maintenance products. These have been specially developed to keep the quality of the hair optimal. This way you will enjoy your hair weave for the longest time.

Knowing more?

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